In this episode of the OnStage Colorado podcast, I got a chance to talk about real, live theatre with Helen R. Murray, executive producer at the Aurora Fox and director of The Pavilion, which recently opened to a limited audience. Joining Murray are Andrew Uhlenhopp, who plays Peter in the show, and Maggie Tisdale who portrays the narrator and a variety of other characters.

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I was curious what kind of protocols were taken to rehearse and present a show in front of a live audience during a pandemic. One tactic was to cast a married couple as the characters Peter and Kari (Kelly Uhlenhopp). Another was to adhere to CDC guidelines about masking and social distancing, which still left room for some unmasked moments in the production.

Mostly, though, we talked about this intriguing play that deals with everything from evolution and the nature of time to unwanted pregnancies and old relationships revisited.

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