This new comedy looks behind-the-scenes of a museum nature diorama. Join Carroll and Glenn as they painstakingly re-create a moment in the lives of three animals. Working on this outmoded intersection of science and art, they are confronted with their own humanity. Being alive among the dead – real among
the fake – can be taxing.

“Coyote. Badger. Rattlesnake” is the first full-length production of Buntport’s 18th season. It is being created in collaboration with local playwright Ellen K. Graham, founder of Feral Assembly. During the run, Buntport will also be introducing their new program The Peas and Carrots, a talk-show mixed with a talk back mixed
with behind-the-scenes tidbits. This evening of entertainment that is nestled in the run of Buntport’s full-length productions will give folks the opportunity to learn more about the play and the process that brought it to the stage. With interviews, panelists, silly fun, and opportunities to ask questions, The Peas and
Carrots is a chance to deep dive into a play that you have already seen or are about to see.

The show runs Nov. 30-Dec. 22. Check the website for details: