Cabaret De Profundis or How To Sing While Ugly Crying to be released Jan. 15

Buntport Theater Company is set to release a filmed version of their still unseen production Cabaret De Profundis or How To Sing While Ugly Crying.

March 13, 2020 was the day that Buntport’s 49th full-length original play was set to debut. It is also the day that Buntport shut its doors to the public. For months, an unused set was collecting dust, awaiting the time for the theatre to safely re-open. In October, Buntport decided to put the set to use. After adapting portions of the script to acknowledge the change in medium, the performance was filmed. Currently in its final stages of editing and getting closed captioned, the filmed stage show is nearly ready to be released.

Cabaret De Profundis or How to Sing While Ugly Crying, based loosely on the real-life Artemisia II of Caria, is a cabaret-style show featuring Hannah Duggan and local composer/pianist Nathan Hall. You’ll learn about Artemisia, including her commissioning the creation of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and her penchant for mourning her husband’s loss by drinking his ashes in her wine. Featuring a mix of old classics and new compositions (all by Nathan Hall), this monologue-with-musical-numbers is a dark comedy with the emphasis on comedy.

In a press release, the theatre addressed the unusual circumstances surrounding the production:

“Does this show take on different meaning post-Covid? Yes, of course. Doesn’t everything?

“Buntport Theater Company has been creating new work in Denver for over 20 years now. While this is not the way that we thought we would be celebrating our 20th season, we are making it work, often putting out content with little warning. After the success of our mini outdoor show The Grasshoppers this summer, we plan to make another outdoor, distanced show for the spring of 2021. Buntport was thrilled to collaborate with Nathan Hall on our 49th play. Nathan is a former Fulbright Fellow to Iceland, and holds his Doctorate in Musical Arts from CU Boulder, his BA from Vassar College and his MM from Carnegie Mellon. Having mutually admired each other’s work, all parties were excited to work with one another on the original stage production and the filmed version.”

There are still plans to mount the original stage production.

Cabaret De Profundis or How To Sing While Ugly Crying a filmed stage production will release on Vimeo on January 15. It is available for donations to Buntport ($20 minimum).

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