Here’s a look at Creede Repertory Theatre’s 54th season lineup. The summer-only theater is located in the tiny town of Creede in southern Colorado. More information with dates and showtimes for next summer will be at

Peter and the Starcatcher

Play by Rick Elice Music by Wayne Barker

Based on the Novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

A girl from a magical family, a nameless orphan boy, two ships full of sailors ‘n pirates, and adventure at every turn! This family friendly musical uses the magic of theatre to create its stunning world as twelve actors portray over 100 characters. If you loved 2018’s The Wizard of Oz, you’ll want to batten down the hatches and head up to the poop deck just to experience this enchanting ocean journey. Come along with us on one young boy’s journey to becoming one of literature’s most beloved children’s characters.


by David Lindsay-Abaire

Assisted living residents Marilyn and Abby couldn’t be more different. The optimist and the pessimist. Oil and water. Yin and Yang. The chaos begins when stick-in-the-mud Abby learns she’s been assigned a roommate after years of willful solitude. Enter Marilyn: an energetic and positive force who charms everyone around her. Except Abby, of course, who sets out to find her new roommate’s weakness and exploit it. But she never expects the perky Marilyn to be up for the challenge…and then some!

Little Shop of Horrors

Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman Music by Alan Menken

Based on the film by Roger Corman. Screenplay by Charles Griffith

It’s a familiar story: Boy meets Girl. Girl is dating a sadistic dentist. Boy discovers a plant with a thirst for blood and soul music. In an effort to win over Girl, Boy makes a pact with Plant that allows his wildest dreams to come true. Plant makes plans to take over the world! Since its debut Off-Broadway in 1982, Little Shop quickly became one of the most popular shows in the world. You won’t want to miss this deliciously outrageous sci-fi hit musical.

Pride and Prejudice

by Kate Hamill

Based on the novel by Jane Austen

You’ve never seen the Bennet Family quite like this before! With the heart of this classic love story still very much intact, Kate Hamill’s farcical take on this time-honored staple of English literature has never been more exciting. Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy are still the classic characters you remember, but with an energy and zest you’d never expect.

Hazardous Materials

by Beth Kander


One apartment. Two different eras. Each creating unlikely friendships. In 1955, widows Esther and Lynley navigate a blossoming connection against all odds. In 2015, reluctant co-workers Hal and Cassie sift through the belongings of an elderly Jane Doe. Each pair must learn that in order to connect, they must be willing to sort through, and learn from, the past. Hazardous Materials was a highlight of 2018’s Headwaters New Play Festival.

We are thrilled to be able to bring brand-new American theatre to the CRT audience.

The KID Show

Written and Directed by Diana Burbano


Now in its 17th season The KID Show program will continue to empower young creative minds to develop and produce a new play alongside professional mentors. This program has been recognized for four consecutive years by the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.

Young Audience Outreach Tour Book and Lyrics by Lojo Simon Music by Ian LeRoy

Celebrating 36 years of bringing excellent musical theatre to schools across the Southwest, Creede Repertory Theatre’s Young Audience Outreach Tour (YAOT) is one of the largest providers of educational theatre to the rural Southwest, serving over 35,000 children in over eighty communities in 2018 alone. YAOT’s mission is to bring high quality musical theatre to young audiences in rural and underserved communities by annually producing an original children’s show that tours throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Kansas, and California. After the performance, each child receives an original book that reinforces the play’s themes and connects with their school curriculum.

Boomtown 13

Explosive Improv Comedy!

Rated PG-13

Sound the alarm! There’s a teenager in the house and you know what that means? Boomtown Improv is THIRTEEN. Crazy hormones, selective hearing, stomping through the hallway, little regard for human cleanliness, consumption of only frozen foods, video game seclusion, and SO MUCH DIRTY LAUNDRY! We are Boomtown, and we do what we want! Except drive…because we don’t have our license for, like, another 3 years. LAME!

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