From the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

The unprecedented challenges of 2020—the closing of our stages due to a pandemic whose health and economic impacts have disproportionately harmed Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities; a renewed cry for racial justice around the globe; the collective soul-searching of a nation shaping its identity and future path—has given the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) a renewed energy to do the critical work of reimagining our organization while holding firm to our most cherished values: integrity, respect, excellence, innovation, equity, diversity and inclusion.

The reflection spurred in the local, regional and national theatre field by the interconnected struggles of the Black Lives Matter movement and the collective voices of We See You, White American Theatre has provided us a new opportunity to restate our unequivocal commitment to building a more inclusive organization, where every team member, artist, student, audience member and community member feels welcomed, respected and affirmed. A place where we all belong.

At our quarterly Board meeting held today, Tuesday, December 7, DCPA Trustees unanimously approved an equity statement that was developed with regular and meaningful input from our team members that lays out our commitment to our staff, artists, audiences and community. Intended to continuously evolve as we become more attuned to the issues facing individuals and groups within our community, this document is intended to honor past efforts and serve as an ever-changing action plan for what lies ahead as we work with our partners to remove barriers, affirm the value of all lives and ensure that everyone has a safe place to engage through the transformative power of live theatre.