Aspiring novelist-turned-journalist Ryan Streeter begins diving into the history and allure of Denver for a new podcast. But when a simple encounter with a source ends in a  sudden disappearance, Ryan is caught in the middle of a Mile High mystery he could never have anticipated.

Created by Jessica Hindsley and Kenny Moten, The Bright Lights of Denver is a 4-part fictional story, combining the thrill of investigative podcasting, theatrical storytelling, and an optional city-wide scavenger hunt.

Episodes will be released weekly through the month of June.

The Bright Lights of Denver is produced as a part of the DCPA’s Powered By Off-Center program, dedicated to powering the creative ideas of local artists, building creative partnerships, and supporting the Colorado artistic community. Learn more ➤

Engage with the characters and discover new parts of the story through social media, live Q&A sessions, and by finding hidden content at historic landmarks throughout the city.

Unlock clues while you explore the city

The Bright Lights of Denver QR codes are located around the city, on the ground outside every key location that the characters visit in the podcast. Scan these QR codes with your phone to discover more of the story and help solve the mystery.

Connect on social media

Join The Bright Lights of Denver Facebook group to connect with other fans of the show and share information to help figure out what happened to Taylor.

Save the date for live Q&As

  • Saturday, June 19 @ 2 PM
  • Wednesday, June 30 @ 7 PM

Find out more about the case from the main characters and share your own theories in these Zoom conversations.