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Here are the eight plays, stories and songs for the One Night Stand Jukebox, selected, covering music from classical to rock:

  • Two ancient rockers struggle to remember a hit song from the 1970s in “The Girls” by J. Jackson.

  • Aliens abduct a blues master in “Saxman” by Wayne Faust.

  • An adoring soprano smothers an ailing Vivaldi with affection in “The Blue Priest” by Patrick Dorn.

  • Janis Joplin meets the Queen of Faerie in a Texas bar in “Just Another Word” by Carrie Vaughn.

  • A Chicago nightclub is the setting for a meeting with “The Count” by Jan McConnell Adams.

  • A one-hit wonder pursues a former homecoming queen in “Last Call” by Donna Hoke.

  • A father sings a lullaby one last time in “Santrai” by P.D. Cacek.

  • Music meets money in “Thank God for Day Jobs” by Dave Brandl and Brew Glass.