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Dark humor, naughty adult toys, spiked lemonade and a whole lot of witty banter is what you’re in for in this raucous and highly inappropriate show. Lillian, Diva and Tink are holding a yard sale to raise money for a Faberge egg so that Diva can house her late husband’s ashes.  What follows is a hilarious onslaught of bristly exchanges, crazy narratives, and raunchy quips. Bossy Diva can’t help but order around the insecure Lillian, who stumbles through the show like a punished child. Tink is practically in a vegetative state, confined to a wheelchair, but manages to wake up every now and then to give the audience a glimpse into her twisted perceptions of the world. The miscommunications and blunders of the three lead to chaos; someone is run over by a car, there is blatant public intoxication, and guns are fired. But somewhere in the midst of this mess is a friendship that is unyielding and even tender in its own manic and outrageous way.  You’ll just have to come see it to find out how this mayhem plays out.