Every year, the DCPA Theatre Company partners with a local playwriting organization to co-host the Local Playwrights Slam, a featured event at the Denver Center’s annual Colorado New Play Summit. The 2019 Local Slam will cast a wider local net than ever before. Instead of designating one co-host, the Denver Center has invited five local theatre organizations to both introduce their individual new-play programs to the audience and present one local playwright of their choosing to read a short selection of their latest work-in-progress.

The featured organizations are 5280 Artist CoOp (Aurora), And Toto too Theatre Company (Denver), Benchmark Theatre (Lakewood), Curious Theatre (Denver) and Local Theater Company (Boulder). This local Slam will take place at 7 p.m. on Saturday, February 16, in The Jones Theatre. The event is free but reservations are strongly encouraged. Here’s how to make yours.

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