BDT Stage announces some leadership changes. Here’s the theatre’s press release:

Boulder, Colorado (April 9, 2021) – When Michael J. Duran first stepped onto the Boulder’s Dinner Theatre stage (now BDT Stage) he was 24 with a wide-eyed dream of a Broadway career. The next several decades were filled with chorus lines and world tours, with tap numbers and duets alongside some of the most recognizable names on Broadway! In 2003, an opportunity came that lured him away from the bright lights of The Big Apple – an invitation to direct full-time on his “home stage.” Duran returned to Boulder later that year to take the helm as BDT Stage’s Producing Artistic Director. As he approaches the 20 year mark, Duran is almost ready to pass the baton. Today, BDT Stage is pleased to announce Seamus McDonough will assume the role of Producing Artistic Director as Duran becomes the theatre’s first Executive Producer.

“I’ve been asked if I’m ever going to retire. I always laugh and say ‘I’m not.’ But simply because BDT is a labor of love and I can’t quit that.” Duran has shared he can’t imagine giving up the joy of directing BDT’s in-house company. “Anyone who stands on our stage becomes family. We’ve laughed, cried, hugged, celebrated, toasted life, mourned death, and now endured a global pandemic together!” But he isn’t shy about admitting he’s a little giddy to give up the administrative aspects of the job that cause the most stress. “This is the best example of team work I’ve witnessed! The person I’ve leaned on most during my tenure here will take over the day-to-day operation of producing great theatre, and I’ll advise on my favorite part of the gig – the razzle dazzle of a fantastic finished product! And I’ll finally have time to ride my bike, travel, and paint — something I’ve been saying for years I plan to do.”

It’s pretty well repeated inside the walls of BDT, Seamus McDonough was born and raised there. The son of longtime Operations Manager Tim McDonough, he toddled around backstage until he was finally old enough to apply for a job. McDonough began his career at 14 as a busser. Over the years he has worn all the hats – Master Carpenter, electrician, rigger, understudy, bar manager, stage manager, and, most recently, Assistant Artistic Director. “It’s been a privilege to grow up and work in such an amazing building around so many amazing people,” says McDonough. “I am very grateful to Michael, Gene, and Judy Bolles for their trust to take on this position and excited for this opportunity.” Duran added, “I’ve leaned on Seamus more than anyone, and it’s because he’s not only so familiar with the building and wears the mission of this company like a second skin, but he’s also not afraid to dig in. Everything we’ve come up with, he’s led with an innate mastery. I’m confident in his ability. It’s the logical progression.”

McDonough has been transitioning into his new position for the last several months. With BDT’s reopening earlier this month after being dormant due to COVID-19 restrictions, BDT Stage owners, Gene and Judy Bolles, wanted the theatre to be poised for a strong emergence behind the ghost light. April 2 and 3 marked a sold out opening – a sign they both take as proof the change is a step in the right direction.

BDT Stage currently has 5 sold out programs on the books, with available tickets beginning April 24. A full calendar of events is listed at