Here are a few tips and best practices to ensure your show listings on our website are timely, accurate, informative and professional looking.

  1. As soon as you have your show dates for one show — or your entire season — there are two ways to get them to us:
    1. Email the details to
    2. Enter them on our online form.
      1. NOTE: We enter a lot of shows ourselves, so check the calendar to see if we’ve already done so.
    3. Please include the following information:
      1. Name of show, venue and company if different
      2. Run dates and showtimes, including any exclusions (Christmas Day, July 4 etc.)
      3. A short description of the show that includes a concise paragraph summarizing the plot.
      4. Cost (can be a range, like $25-50). Don’t worry about discounts etc. – people will see that on your site when they go to buy tickets.
      5. An image of your show’s poster or other art. Horizontal or square images work best; verticals not so much. Please be sure they are .jpg or .png files and that they are at least 72 dpi resolution and at least 5 inches wide. We can work with most files except for ones that are very low resolution.
        1. Quick note: Show art is very important so if you don’t have a good design person to help you, we highly recommend Canva. It’s a low-cost online tool that can help you easily create good-looking graphics for everything from your show poster to your business cards.
      6. After you submit your listing, wait a day or three and give it a good look on our site to make sure everything is correct.
      7. When you have production photos ready, please send them to us at If we can, we’ll update your listing and if we’re doing a review, we’ll need them for that as well.

Finally, be sure info@onstagecolorado is on your press mailing list so we can get your latest news.