OpenStage Theatre & Company will present “Natural Shocks” by Lauren Gunderson as inaugural virtual streaming production.

Based on Shakespeare’s famous “to be or not to be” soliloquy from “Hamlet,” Lauren Gunderson’s “Natural Shocks” puts the need for taking action in times of crisis in the spotlight. A 60-minute one-woman tour-de-force, “Natural Shocks” raises awareness of domestic abuse and gun violence. Directed by Debbie Swann and featuring Molly McGuire as Angela, the play is produced in partnership with Playhaus Productions.

“How is this happening? Not here! Not me! Well it seems it’s here and it’s me and it’s getting very windy out there.” Angela hunkers down in her basement as she awaits an impending tornado. While she herself is trapped, she also holds us captive as she reminisces and reflects on her life. With dark, self-effacing humor, she ultimately divulges the truth behind the storm she is weathering.

In honor of OpenStage’s commitment to Fighting for Community in their 48th season, 50% of ticket sales and all donations will directly benefit Fort Collins’ Crossroads Safehouse. Odell Brewing Company will also match up to $2,000 of donations.

As an adapted Fab Friday deal, Odell Brewing is offering a free 6-pack of beer to the first 100 ticket purchasers. Participants will receive an emailed voucher from OpenStage the following Tuesday after their purchase and will need to bring the voucher to pick up their beer from Odell Taphouse in Fort Collins, 800 E. Lincoln Ave. Must be 21 years of age with a valid I.D.

OpenStage has committed to working with local artists for this production. This includes the featured song, “Break,” written and performed by VIVIAN (Alana Rolfe and Tim Massa).

“Natural Shocks” is OpenStage’s first virtual production and will stream on-demand from March 19-26. Viewers will have access to the stream for 48 hours from the time they first start watching.

Content Warning: This play contains topics of domestic abuse and gun violence.

Tickets for “Natural Shocks are $20 plus fees and are available online only at