Denver’s playwright-driven Theater 29 is introducing a virtual multi-arts playlist on a monthly theme. The programs include new hand-held video plays, new artists and art in the theater’s online gallery, and a collaborative multi-platform immersive theatrical experience.

Multi-Arts Virtual Playlists

Gallery 29 Playlists is a multi-arts mashup centered on a monthly theme. The February Playlist  on the theme of “In Pursuit” features poetry by Amber Irish, a play by Collin I. Hood, fiber art by Sara Rockinger, and graphic art by Shane Rodriguez. The March Playlist, debuting March 25, on the theme of “Personal Politics” will feature a video-short by Lisa Wagner Erickon, visual art by Grace Gee, an animation by Ellen K. Graham and John Aden, and a video-short by Colette Mazunik.

LOOK: Colorado-Made Video Plays

Now streaming, a collection of video plays on the theme of “There’s something I want to show you” by playwrights and theatre artists Iliana Lucero Barron and Adelina Gonzales, Molly Bibeau and James Brunt, Tami Canaday, Melissa Lucero McCarl, Pamela Nocerino, and Matthew Schultz. New videos by Lisa Wagner Erickson and Colette Mazunik will be added in March.

In The Works

The Lulubird Project is currently creating a multi-platform immersive tale about a company desperately  trying to stay afloat amidst an emerging scandal.  Each part of the story will come to life via a different medium such as text messages, USPS mail, video, social media and more. Collaborators include Tami Canaday, Lisa Wagner Erickson, Ellen K. Graham, and Shane Rodriguez.

Gallery 29

The theatrer’s virtual gallery to experience an expanding collection of plays, visual art, fiber art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, animation and video by Colorado creative artists Rowena Alegria, Iliana Lucero Barron, Alex Burkart, James Brunt, Tami Canaday, Lisa Wagner Erickson, Grace Gee, Ellen K. Graham, Dannah Elizabeth, Judith Sarah Gelt, Collin Hood, Amber Irish, Melissa Leach, Marin Lepore, Felice Locker, Colette Mazunik, Mellissa Lucero McCarl, Pamela Nocerino, Confidence Omenai, Frank Oteri, Sara Rockinger, Shane Rodriguez, Matthew Schultz, Gina Wencel, and Sky Yarbrough.