Here are some great resources for theater information in Colorado:

Colorado Theatre Guild — The state’s main organization for theaters, the CTG is also the organizer of the annual Henry Awards, the state’s version of the Tony Awards.

Colorado Community Theatre Coalition — A statewide organization for the coordination and promotion of community theater, the CCTC organizes an annual festival that highlights theaters from around the state.

The Denver Post: Although it no longer has a dedicated theater writer, the Post still has some great writers covering theater, mostly in the metro area.

Westword: Longtime theater critic Juliet Whitman covers metro-area shows for the alternative weekly.

Tom’s Colorado Theater Reviews: Tom Jones is based in northern Colorado and covers many shows in that area of the state, as well as in the metro area and beyond.

Colorado Drama: Bob Bows has been writing reviews about Denver-area plays for many years.

David Marlowe Theatre Reviews: The name pretty much says it all. David Marlowe has been writing reviews of Colorado theatre for quite some time.

Denver Theater Perspectives: This is a newer group of theatre folks who post reviews, news and more on their site.

Denver Actors Fund: If you love theater, this is a great way to support actors and other members of the Colorado theater community in need. The Denver Actors Fund raises money to help theater folks in medical need. You can donate and learn more about the Fund on this site.