Winnie Wenglewick, owner of Denver’s Dangerous Theatre, has heard over and over that many folks will not be comfortable in the theatre again until vaccinations are more widespread. Opening May 18 is Comedy Shows Denver, with shows at 7:30 and 10:00. Attendees at the 7:30 show will be required to show proof of full vaccination, with physical or digital vaccination card that matches their ID. Dangerous Theatre may be the only venue currently offering a show only for vaccinated attendees. Being vaccinated will not be a requirement to attend the 10:00 show.

COVID-19 safety protocols as required by current Denver guidelines will be in place. Currently, that means parties seated 6ft apart. Temperature checks will be done at the door. Masks will be optional at the 7:30 show since all attendees will be vaccinated. Masks will be required for the 10pm show. Attendance limited to 20-24 attendees. Between the early show and late show a huge vent fan brings in fresh air, UVC Lights are used and all surfaces, seats and tables are disinfected.

About the show…

Comedy Shows Denver 

Denver’s Dangerous Theatre

2620 W 2nd Ave #1

Denver, CO 80219


Written & performed by Winnie Wenglewick and Brainard Starling