Plenty of surprises and a lavish production equal a great night of dance

The Colorado Ballet’s new production of Peter Pan blends masterful dance with magical scenes in performances that fill the Ellie Caulkins Opera House through Feb. 9.

The same artistic duo that created the sold-out Dracula ballet in fall 2017 — choreographer Michael Pink and composer Philip Feeney — have generated yet another mesmerizing show. Feeney’s orchestral music is rich and melodic, while Pink’s individual, duo and group choreography is multifaceted.

While you’d expect Peter Pan (Kevin Gaël Thomas or Francisco Estevez, depending on the performance), to fly through the sky, additional moving settings, curtains, lighting and fog machines brought deeper dimension to the flights.

Each dancer convincingly acted their parts, portraying author J.M. Barrie’s 118-year-old story of Peter Pan effectively, so audiences didn’t need the seat-cheat electronic storyline updates — though they are available in the opera house.  Tinkerbell (played by Leah McFadden Saturday evening) was especially memorable, with her fiery, feisty, sassy and sweet personality, as well as her illuminated pastel dress.

The most touching moment came when audience members, given “Fantastic Fairy Fixer” sticks, lit up their fluffy fairy wands (even before the official cue to light them, which was all the more charming) and continued to wave them until little Tink came to life once again. This audience participation element, along with great costumes and dancers filling out every portion of the stage with captivating movements and storyline, thrilled both adults and kids.

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