‘LOOK’ shows set to stream January 15

On Jan. 15, Denver’s Theatre 29 is premiering LOOK, a collection of Colorado-made video plays designed for uncertain times.

In November 2020, playwrights and theatre artists Iliana Lucero Barron and Adelina Gonzales, Molly Bibeau and James Brunt, Tami Canaday, Melissa Lucero McCarl, Pamela Nocerino, and Matthew Schultz each began work on a short video-play on the theme of “There’s something I want to show you” using following parameters:

  • Each play will be recorded by an actor-as-character using a hand-held device like a phone or tablet.
  • Each piece will contain an implicit or explicit reason for the recording using a hand-held device.

The playwrights and theatre artists are in charge of creating and producing their respective video plays, which will debut as a collection on the Theater 29 website.

Viewing Information

LOOK is streaming January 15, 2021 at 7 p.m. at www.theater29denver.com

LOOK is free; however, viewers are invited to support the local arts community by donating to the Denver Actors Fund

The video plays

Morning Cafecito

By Iliana Lucero Barron and Adelina Gonzales

Featuring Iliana Lucero Barron, Iona Leighton, and Bobby Gleason

Your daily morning ritual starts with un Cafecito…at least in America.

Until It Didn’t

By James Brunt and Molly Bibeau

Featuring James Brunt and Molly Bibeau

Following a breakup, Annie begins to document her life using a video diary in hopes that it will help her move on.

Claire’s Live Feed: Randonaughting

By Tami Canaday

Featuring Rhea Amos, with Gordon Reusink

The popular influencer and YouTuber, Claire Calahan, live streams her randonaughting adventure to thousands of her followers.

Following Fiona

By Melissa Lucero McCarl

Featuring Maggie Stacy

By following Fiona, a woman makes a thought-provoking discovery in the bowels of the rickety old house she lives in.

First Vlog

By Pamela Nocerino

Featuring Sarah Widmann

A lonely woman feels ignored online, so without any training or talents she stumbles through recording a first vlog of her own.

Made Up

By Matthew Schultz

Featuring Hart DeRose

An online make-up tutorial influencer returns to the make-up tutorial scene after realizing that materialism is better than the Darien Gap and life has no meaning without likes and subscribes.